Posted by: Julie | January 12, 2012

Cuddles From the Heart Project


THE PROJECT: Our goal is to provide some comfort and to bring a smile and a feeling of home to struggling children and their families who are receiving care at The Children’s Hospital in Colorado.

ABOUT US: We are 3 mothers who met while our newborn sons were in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (CICU) at The Children’s Hospital in Denver, receiving care for different congenital heart defects.  The three boys were born within 24 hours of one another and have become fast friends.  Shaina (son: Kimble); Teresa (son: Chance); and Julie (son: Adam) are now seeking to help other mothers and their children.

HOW YOU CAN HELP: We are seeking donations of new handmade or store-bought blankets themed for children of all ages (infant through teen).  They can be any size.

Acceptable Items For Donation Fleece No Sew Knot Blankets Receiving Blankets Crocheted Blankets Knitted Blankets Quilts Toddler/Throw Blankets The blankets we collect will be donated to The Children’s Hospital of Denver where our sons received and continue to receive medical care. We are now taking blankets for donation in 2016.  If you would like to make a blanket donation or be a part of this project please contact us- our information can be found by clicking on the “Contact Us” link at the top of the page.  We would love to hear from you! Email us for drop off/mailing information.  We hope you will support this project and share a touch of home with these special children and families!

Posted by: Julie | December 31, 2015

Blankets for the New Year!

Our holiday celebrations didn’t get any more special this year than Tuesday when we were able to get together as a group to deliver some blankets to The Children’s Hospital!  There is no better feeling than being there with our three boys together and sending love and blankets to all the special people at the hospital.

Blankets 2015 3

Look at how they have grown in the past 5 years since we started collecting blankets…

Blanket donation (031) Nov 2010Blankets 2015 Wagon012Blanket Moms 2015

The Children’s Hospital has been a special part of our lives these past 6 years, and we will forever love the children who stay there and the heroes who work there.  Thank you to those who donate.  Discount Tire Company held a very successful holiday donation drive to help our cause. The Insight School of Colorado’s National Honor Society made dozens of blankets, Rampart High School, Broomfield Academy, and clubs from Regis University shared bunches of cuddly blankets, and so many thoughtful individuals give of their time and means to help bring joy to the kids and families at The Children’s Hospital.

Happy New Year- we can’t wait to continue this great cause in 2016!

Blankets 2015 Group

Posted by: Julie | August 21, 2015

Blanket Blessings

It always feels like such a blessing to be able to deliver blankets to The Children’s Hospital!  The blankets just keep coming, and we were lucky enough to make a summer drop off donation with hundreds of blankets for those great families at the hospital.

Thank you to all those who donate.  It makes a huge difference!

Blankets 2Blankets 1

Posted by: Julie | May 8, 2015

Schools that Serve

Recently we’ve had the wonderful opportunity to partner with a few schools in the area to collect blankets for The Children’s Hospital.

Ben Franklin Academy in Highlands Ranch made some blankets at their Community Service Day and students delivered the blankets to the South Campus of the hospital down the street from their school.


Summit Ridge Middle School hosted Make a Difference Day where students made dozens of cozy fleece blankets for the kids at the hospital.

Finally, the National Junior Honor Society members from Sierra Middle School in Parker made more than 50 blankets and sent them our way to help bring cheer to The Children’s Hospital.

Sierra Middle School Blankets

With their help, we have brought our total to 2380 blankets collected for The Children’s Hospital.

We are inspired and impressed to be associated with such wonderful schools who teach their students to look beyond themselves and to reach out to others.  They truly make a difference!  Thank you!!!

Posted by: Julie | January 16, 2015

Blanket Deliveries!

We have been blessed with so much support during the past year!  Although we were unable to find a time to visit The Children’s Hospital all together since Chance’s family moved out of state, we have each had some great opportunities to go and deliver the blankets that people have so generously donated.

Kimble took a load of blankets in November, Chance visited the hospital with some cuddles in December, and Adam and Kimble and their families just delivered a nice, large load to bring cheer to the kids at the hospital.

Adam and Kimble Blankets 2

We have had some great organizations help us over the past few months.  Some sweet women at the Clear Creek Care Center in Westminster crocheted over 50 blankets and 25 sweaters and hats to help brighten up those hospital rooms.  Discount Tire company held a holiday blanket drive and were able to donate almost 200 blankets!  When I called to let the hospital know the blankets were coming, they were overjoyed.  They said they are in particular need of blankets right now and the timing of this delivery couldn’t have been better.


We are so appreciative of everyone who allows us to continue bringing love and cuddles to the kids at The Children’s Hospital!  It is such a joy for us to be able to visit and remember the great care we received there.

Thank you for your support!  If you’re looking for a meaningful project for the new year, please consider donating blankets to the kids at The Children’s Hospital (these sweet boys will thank you)!


Posted by: Julie | April 22, 2014

Thank You DU Students!

Last month the DU Programming Board put on a large campus event.  As part of the event, student leader Julia Chun organized an opportunity for DU students to make blankets for Colorado Cuddles From the Heart!  They were able to donate more than 50 blankets and about 50 cards they wrote for the kids at the hospital.  What a special gift!  Adam was so excited to visit the DU campus and meet the students who made the blankets!  Thank you DU students, and thanks to everyone who helps us in our goal to share some love with the kids at the hospital- it means so much!

DU Blankets

Posted by: Julie | April 13, 2014

They’re Rolling In!

We are so excited to see blankets coming in for our 2014 blanket drive!  Our boys turn 5 this year and we want this year to be a year with lots of cuddles!  If you have any blankets to share or sewing skills that need brushing up, we would love to have you join us in providing cuddly blankets for the kids at The Children’s Hospital!

Thank you to whoever dropped these gorgeous blankets off at out 16th Street location last week!  Every blanket makes a difference!


Posted by: Julie | January 31, 2014

Blanket Donation 2013

What a thrill to be able to visit The Children’s Hospital to deliver blankets!  We are so grateful for the care our boys received there while babies, and a couple of our boys are still patients there on a semi-regular basis, so it always brings us joy to help the people who have done so much for our families.  We appreciate how much those who have helped us gather blankets are spreading joy to children going through scary and difficult times.

This year we were able to donate around 300 blankets to the hospital on our big donation day in November.  The hospital opened a brand new wing this past year, and the Cardiac ICU moved into the new wing.  It is beautiful, and so nice to see the hospital expanding to be able to provide wonderful care to more children in need!  We hope we can keep collecting enough blankets to help with the increased demand.  Thanks to all of you who support us and help us provide some comfort for the precious children there at The Children’s Hospital!

Blankets 2CICU

Posted by: Julie | December 12, 2012

Blanket Donation Day 2012

On November 9, 2012 we donated 387 blankets to The Children’s Hospital.  Once again the Flanagan family joined us from New Mexico to honor the life of their precious son, Logan.  We loved being able to see the doctors and nurses who have played such an important role in helping our sons stay healthy.  We love The Children’s Hospital and are so grateful for the care we have received there!

Blanket BagsBlanket Ladies

Posted by: Julie | July 24, 2012

Updated Photos of Our Boys

Our families got together for a little camping trip a few weeks ago, and it was fun to watch our little “triplets” growing up together!  Here are a couple of updated photos of the boys.  We can’t wait to celebrate their third birthdays by taking some more lovingly donated blankets to The Children’s Hospital!

Posted by: Julie | January 12, 2012

Blanket Donation 2011

On November 11, 2011 we were able to donate 325 blankets to The Children’s Hospital in Denver. We donated them in honor of Logan Flanagan. The Flanagan family traveled from New Mexico to join us and participate in the blanket drive. Adam, Chance, and Kimble enjoyed celebrating their second birthdays with some pizza and cupcakes in the cafeteria. It was a wonderful experience for all of us to be together for such a meaningful cause!

Girls in CICU

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