Posted by: Julie | January 31, 2014

Blanket Donation 2013

What a thrill to be able to visit The Children’s Hospital to deliver blankets!  We are so grateful for the care our boys received there while babies, and a couple of our boys are still patients there on a semi-regular basis, so it always brings us joy to help the people who have done so much for our families.  We appreciate how much those who have helped us gather blankets are spreading joy to children going through scary and difficult times.

This year we were able to donate around 300 blankets to the hospital on our big donation day in November.  The hospital opened a brand new wing this past year, and the Cardiac ICU moved into the new wing.  It is beautiful, and so nice to see the hospital expanding to be able to provide wonderful care to more children in need!  We hope we can keep collecting enough blankets to help with the increased demand.  Thanks to all of you who support us and help us provide some comfort for the precious children there at The Children’s Hospital!

Blankets 2CICU


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