Posted by: Julie | January 16, 2015

Blanket Deliveries!

We have been blessed with so much support during the past year!  Although we were unable to find a time to visit The Children’s Hospital all together since Chance’s family moved out of state, we have each had some great opportunities to go and deliver the blankets that people have so generously donated.

Kimble took a load of blankets in November, Chance visited the hospital with some cuddles in December, and Adam and Kimble and their families just delivered a nice, large load to bring cheer to the kids at the hospital.

Adam and Kimble Blankets 2

We have had some great organizations help us over the past few months.  Some sweet women at the Clear Creek Care Center in Westminster crocheted over 50 blankets and 25 sweaters and hats to help brighten up those hospital rooms.  Discount Tire company held a holiday blanket drive and were able to donate almost 200 blankets!  When I called to let the hospital know the blankets were coming, they were overjoyed.  They said they are in particular need of blankets right now and the timing of this delivery couldn’t have been better.


We are so appreciative of everyone who allows us to continue bringing love and cuddles to the kids at The Children’s Hospital!  It is such a joy for us to be able to visit and remember the great care we received there.

Thank you for your support!  If you’re looking for a meaningful project for the new year, please consider donating blankets to the kids at The Children’s Hospital (these sweet boys will thank you)!



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