Posted by: Julie | January 11, 2017

Cuddles For Christmas

Whew- life has become more and more of a whirlwind as our boys grow up and are getting involved in so many great activities.  We always want to help them remember the gratitude we feel for the great care they received at The Children’s Hospital, so we manage to keep collecting and delivering blankets to the hospital whenever we have a chance!

We most recently made a delivery during December, and it was especially tender to think of the families who might be spending Christmas there.  It warmed our hearts to at least be able to deliver a little something that might spread some cheer!

Thank you to all those who donate blankets!  Packing the boxes and bags into our van felt like loading up Santa’s sleigh!

Blanket Delivery 1

We love the variety of donations! We picked up some lovingly made blankets from children at The Goddard School and students in the Pre-Pharmacy program at Regis University on the way to make our deliveries to the hospital.  We’ve had kids throw parties with friends where they made blankets as an activity, Girl Scout troops making blankets together, families donating blankets they’ve worked on, multiple groups from elementary, middle, and high schools in the area who have made blankets, and even a woman who asked friends to donate blankets as part of her 40th birthday party!  Each blanket is used and appreciated by those sweet kids at the hospital!

IMG_2673IMG_2672Blanket Delivery 2Blanket Delivery 3Blanket Delivery 5

We can’t thank you enough.  We know each blanket is a sacrifice of time and resources, and it means a lot to have your support.  Our hearts were truly filled with joy as we made our delivery a few weeks ago.  If you are interested in making blankets, our current drop off location is in Highlands Ranch, or we could make other arrangements to get blankets in the Denver and Colorado Springs areas.  Thanks again, and happy New Year!


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