Chance’s Story

Chance was ready to be welcomed into this world by his 2 big sisters and an anxious mom and dad.  Pregnancies are never fun for me, but I was so excited to meet our first little boy.  On November 5th, we went to the hospital expecting to be home in a day or two.  We knew nothing about Chance’s heart condition.

After a normal delivery, Chance was born into this world on November 5th, 2009 at 2:35pm.  He was perfect, but I noticed he looked a little blue. The nurses called in a respiratory therapist who was very concerned by his oxygen saturation levels not rising much past the 60s.  They took him into the ICU to figure out what was wrong.  At this point I was pretty unaware of what could be wrong.  Around 6pm I was finally able to go see my baby boy in the ICU.  The nurses and drs had called in a cardiologist and explained to us the possibilities.  It was hard to comprehend.  Sure enough, Dr. Christensen diagnosed Chance with “Transposition of the Great Arteries”.  Basically, his pulmonary and aortic arteries were switched and attached in the wrong place.  It’s one of the top 10 common congenital heart defects, but it was anything but ‘common’ to us.  He was transfered to The Children’s Hospital that night just in case he needed any extra procedures done before the surgery was to take place 4-7 days later.  Luckily Scott was able to go with him, but I had to stay overnight at the hospital.  It was the hardest night of my life, up to that point.

On November 10th, Chance went through open-heart surgery–called “The Switch”.  The surgery did not go smoothly and we had some rocky times.  The doctors and nurses had our baby’s heart in their hands, literally, and they did an amazing job.  He came out of surgery with his chest open–something a parent should never see.  After some rough days, his chest was closed up on Friday.  That was a relief.  During the closure, a nerve was accidentally touched and threw his diaphragm into “paradoxical breathing”.  Chance had to be on extra breathing equipment due to the trouble, but he was stable and doing well otherwise.

Finally we had some good news a week later when his breathing righted itself and would not need further surgery.  We spent one night up on a different floor and we finally headed home on November 22nd.  His sisters were incredibly excited to finally hug and kiss on their little brother.  Home Sweet Home.

Chance should be done with surgeries on his heart.  (We’ll see about stitches from  jumping off a piece of play equipment somewhere in the future!!)  His echocardiograms have been clear since his surgery.  He is our miracle baby.

The nurses at Children’s Hospital were the most amazing people I have ever come across.  We went through so many emotions and had so many challenges, yet they took such amazing care of not only our baby boy, but of Scott and I.  I will never forget the care we received and the love we were shown.



  1. What remarkable and fabulous bonding stories. So heartfelt and precious are the boys and their families. Love to my miracle nephew, Chance, and all the boys and families!

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