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  1. love your project and hope to start crocheting this afternoon.

  2. I would like to donate a few baby quilts I have made – I had shoulder surgery a few weeks ago so they are not quit done but should be in a few weeks. How is the best way to get them to you? I live at I-25 and Yale. Thanks for this great project- just what I was looking for as a way to give back!!! Nancy

  3. Just wondering if there is a pattern or size crochet blankets need to be or would like them to be.

    • There is no specific size or pattern. The kids at the hospital range from preemies to teenagers, so blankets of all sizes are needed and appreciated. Thank you for being willing to help!

  4. Hi, I’m making a few scarves and blanket for a school project , which will end in mid march, and I’d like to donate them to this organization.

    • Hi Supriya! Thank you so much- I just sent you an email. I appreciate you reaching out and wanting to help!

  5. Hi, you might want to contact this group to be added to their charity locator: . They have a very large following on Facebook.

  6. Hi,
    Are you accepting fleece blankets now?

    • Hi Collette! Yes- we are accepting blankets! Feel free to email one of us for more information. Thanks!

  7. Are you still taking donations?

  8. Hello. I’m wanting to donate crocheted baby blankets that I’ve been working on for over a year now. So, I have quit a bit to donate.

    • Hi Coremarie! Please send me an email at and we can coordinate. Thanks! – Julie

  9. Are you still accepting donations? I only have a couple of crocheted blankets right now, but I love to crochet in my spare time and would love it if they went to a great cause. Thank you!

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