Adam’s Story

We were thrilled when we found out we were expecting our third baby boy.  Boys are so much fun- lively, energetic, and always enjoying life at full speed.  Even though Adam had a harder start to life than our other two, it hasn’t seemed to slow him down a bit!

A few weeks before Adam was born I went in for a routine prenatal visit.  My midwife decided to send me in for an unscheduled ultrasound because I seemed to be measuring small.  During the ultrasound, all of the baby’s measurements were fine … except for one.  Something was not right with his heart.  The doctors couldn’t quite tell what the problem was.  In planning for his birth we prepared our home as if he would be coming back from the hospital with us after a few days, but tried to prepare our hearts just in case he didn’t.

Adam was born looking pink and healthy, but the doctors confirmed he did indeed have heart troubles that would require surgery.  Surgery was scheduled for six days after his birth, but that morning, the doctors and surgeons sat us down and told us his case was more complicated and serious than they had thought and that he needed to be transferred to The Children’s Hospital in Denver.

The day after his transfer Adam began open-heart surgery to correct a series of heart defects, commonly known as Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome–a term I had never heard before he was born.  Adam was lucky because his left ventricle was functioning and large enough that the doctors (who were both extremely skilled and very compassionate) felt it could be repaired without drastically reshaping his heart.  It was a bit of a risk if his heart didn’t grow like it needed to, but it would help him to live a normal life.  The 8-hour wait during the surgery seemed endless and we clung to the periodic updates from the surgical nurse.

Finally we got the word that Adam (with some difficulty) had pulled through and was back in his room recovering.  What a blessing!  We went to see him.  I don’t think you can ever be totally prepared for the sight of your child in the condition Adam was in at that time.  The following days were emotional and exhausting as we watched Adam struggle to recover.

After 3 weeks, we finally left the hospital with our little bundle of joy, and Adam was able to meet his brothers for the first time!

The outcome from the surgery has been fantastic.  Adam’s heart is now functioning almost totally normally, and he is a happy and healthy little boy.  His heart will need to be monitored for the rest of his life, but other than that, he has no limitations!  We are back to being a “normal” family with a very special little boy.  We are forever grateful to have him in our family and for the wonderful care he (and all of us) received.Family Picture 8



  1. Julie- I didn’t know about Adam… I think the last time I saw you was a couple months before you were due. Wow, what a scary thing to go through. We will definitely donate some blankets, I’ll be in touch!

  2. What a great idea Julie! I was willing to donate blankets when I first read the email and now after reading all your stories I will donate even more! Tears help me be more generous……so glad Adam is doing well. He sure is cute!

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